17 December 2010

Sweet News and Treats!

It's been a crazy holiday season here in Florida. The weather is jumping from 30 degrees to 70 degrees on any given day and it really did not feel a lot like Christmas. Then the presents began to appear under the tree, exciting the kids and making it a little easier to feel the cheer. And I received my own little bit of news - LOVE AT FIRST SHOT, my spicy paranormal comedy novella, has an audiobook release date! January 11th, 2011, it will be available through AudioLark Audio Books and your favorite audiobook retailer. Talk about doing a little dance around the tree!

If you're not familiar with the story, here's a quick blurb: What do a dead werewolf, a kidnapped coroner, and an inept witch have in common? LOVE AT FIRST SHOT. Emma Feltman is a master mage in training with one minor problem: sexual frustration has twisted her ordinarily powerful magic into an unpredictable force of chaos. Her current job assignment is the Supernatural Clean-up Crew. When a werewolf is unlucky enough to get hit by a car, Emma's crew is sent in to retrieve the body. Dr. "T.J." Jackson happens to be the coroner on duty. When it's discovered his mind is immune to magic so they can't erase the incident from his memory, they do the next best thing. They take him with them. Stashed in a cabin miles from anywhere, Emma and T.J. start things off with a bang. But can a relationship built under extreme conditions really work?

To read an excerpt, click HERE.

And to celebrate all the Christmas cheer, I have a free read scheduled to go live (for a limited time) on Monday, December 20th, available exclusively from my website! CHRISTMAS GRACE is a St. George story introducing a new heroine, Grace St. George.

What's a thief to do when there's no paying jobs at Christmas? Stay home and sulk? Not Grace St. George. She decides to take a holiday to London and crash a party. Not just any party, but modern-day Viking and security expert Jacob Forsyth's exclusive gala. Can she get in, find the secret that makes his vaults impervious to her attempts to burgle, and get out again without mishap?

Find out Monday by downloading your own free copy of CHRISTMAS GRACE.

A special thank-you goes out to the lovely and talented Natalie Winters for this gorgeous cover.

I hope everyone has a delightful holiday season with lots of joy, love, and laughter. Merry Christmas.
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