17 September 2011

Fall TV Schedule - The Secret Circle

I'm behind. With my schedule, the only way I get to follow television is through online streaming or Hulu. :) And that means I never catch on to the really good shows until it's too late.

But, wonder of wonders, I zipped over to iTunes last week and saw the pilot for "The Secret Circle" as a free preview download. Since it's on my list of shows I'd like to eventually follow, I downloaded it. And man, am I glad I did!

The lead in the show is a favorite from "Life Unexpected." The idea of the show is from a YA series I haven't read, but now plan to dig up. Covenant and Practical Magic all tied into one. I was intrigued and now am looking forward to following it.

And that brings me to the question: Has anyone else noticed the surge of paranormal shows popping up? I mean, True Blood, Supernatural, and Vampire Diaries aside, most supernatural shows I get addicted to get canceled pretty quickly. Wolf Lake, Night Stalker, and the Invisible Man, just to name a few that I liked that didn't make it.

What about you? What new shows coming out this year are you looking forward to following? I know that I am still going to have to rely on Hulu and online streaming to keep track of things, but it definitely looks like a great winter line-up.
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