22 July 2013

Freedom in My Writing

(photo by Diego Hernandez)

FREEDOM... Such a beautiful thing.

I'm blessed to live in a country where freedom of speech is a Constitutional right. Sure, sometimes we want to smack people for abusing that right and spouting harmful, stupid things, but to have the ability, the freedom, to say what we we feel? That right is important. It is a gift.

My forefathers insured that I could share this gift and do what I love to do--write. I take my right to write very seriously.

It is my duty and my absolute desire to create the best stories I can for my readers every time I set pen to page or fingers to keyboard. I challenge myself to dig deep and produce thoughtful, evocative, heart-touching stories. I am free to let my stories soar.

I never forget that you readers have rights too. You have the freedom to search for your own happiness and entertainment. Your time is precious. I understand that, truly I do. I can only hope that you will let me be a small part of your joy. If reading my words and living within my stories makes you feel good then we've both won.

Freedom. Love. Happiness.

Let them ring.

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