06 January 2014

What's New in Publishing

Happy New Year!

Wow, 2014. Wasn't it just Y2K yesterday? Remember the panic in 1999? Some people thought that the sky would fall the second we flipped our calendars over to the new millennium. Computers would crash, the stock market would explode, there'd be a run on banks, global market would collapse, zombies would come out of the woodworks...

Do you remember what happened?

January 1, 2000. Basically a regular day.

Skip ahead to 2014. Today, there are still fear mongers out there saying that the publishing industry is falling and the book world as we know it is going to collapse. But is it?

I tend to have a very optimistic look on life. I agree that the publishing industry is not the same today as it was in 1999. But I don't think change is bad. We are human beings for heaven's sake. When change happens do we freeze in the past, stick our heads in the mud and do nothing? Nope, we look for ways to change too. We look for opportunities.

How many of you are reading books on devices now? Does that also mean that you NEVER read a paperback? I would bet money that you do both. I would also venture to say that you have bought more books now than you ever did before. I know I do. I've got far more books lined up to read than I ever did. I can buy a book with one click now. One click!

The publishing industry is moving fast to keep up with the digital changes.

Nothing is falling.

Enjoy the opportunities. Read a good book today.


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