16 February 2008

Another Fine Myth I've Gotten Myself Into

And fine it is indeed.

Hello, my name is Jean Marie Ward, and I'm another author from the Fantasy & Enchantment blog. It was a great place to write my piece, but there are so many wonderful writers here--including my former F&E colleagues--I know this will be even better.

So far, nobody's asked me to help pick out the drapes or new furniture. They're a little scared. In some ways I'm kind of out there. It's not so much that my writing's more fantasy with romantic elements than fantasy romance. These days those sub-genres are a lot closer than ever before. It's not even that, for the novel I'm working on now, I've traded my high fantasy hat for Chick Myth. Christine Norris has already given BtV readers the class in Greek Gods 101. (Go Christine!)

It's that nobody's quite sure what I'll type next. It might be a good writerly subject, like how to secure guest status at conventions or how to deal when real life gets in the way of writing life. But it could just as easily be about wanting to run away and become a paleontologist, or how Sinbad really was Chinese. Sort of. Well, he worked for the Ming Dynasty, anyway.

See. Scary, isn't it? And that's not even counting the real life ghost stories. For some reason, people tend to freak when I introduce them to the ghost cat who shares the house with my husband, my corporeal cat and me.

But admit it, doesn't a touch of fear--the merest hint of danger--add a little spice to the proceedings? Isn't it why you decided to venture Beyond the Veil in the first place? How can any of us be certain what faces us as we step into the mists?
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