25 March 2008

Psssst - The Secrets of Writing Humor

Molasses Thief Comes to a Sticky End

Have I got your attention yet? Good, because everyone knows sex sells a romance story or novel, but most people don’t realize humor can just as effectively bond readers to your work. If you want to learn about writing comedy moments that will have your readers howling, or simply smiling knowingly to themselves, come along to the Coffee Time Romance and More seminar, Psssst – The Secrets of Writing Humor. S.J. Willing, creator of the Agent Double D.3 Reports and the PIACT Undercover Agent series will share some of his hard-learned techniques for this particularly tricky area in fiction writing.

Seminar details:

Cost: This seminar is exorbitantly priced at 0 dollars. i.e. it is totally free! - though a free registration at Coffee Time Romance and More forum will be necessary if you want to ask questions. If you just want to read and do the exercises on your own all it will cost you is your time.

Speaker: S.J. Willing – Estimable creator of the Agent Double D.3 reports and a humor columnist for The Brass Spectacle.

Place: Coffee Time Romance and More forum here: http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/board/forumdisplay.php?f=544

Date: The whole month of April.

Prerequisites: It is preferential to have passed “Where’s My Witticism? 101”, “Simply Snarky 201” and “I Lost My Brain in the Co-Ed Dorm 301” but none of these are essential. Well, maybe the third one is…

Other: Bring beer and peanuts.
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