13 March 2008

Ready for Spring

I am ready for spring! And considering we had a foot of snow fall just last weekend, that seems a pretty tall order.

Of course now the snow is nothing but mud, a few straggly piles still at the edges of the parking lots melting quickly into the pavement. The ground is dirty, the cars are dirty, and the world is painted in shades of brown...a far cry from the shades of white that covered all and made the world look pretty.

Is there green blooming under the brown? Are the redbud trees ready to blossom into their pink and purply spring coats? Are the leaves struggling to emerge, that vibrant green that soothes the eye and calms the fears that winter will never leave?

I am thinking of having my carpet replaced, thinking of cleaning off my kitchen counter. Thinking, mind you, I haven't actually committed to the projects...lolol. I am also taking a break from my life as it has been for the past few months to do something totally different. What, I don't know, other than it involves doing more than sitting at my computer alone for hours at a time.

I want to dance, or see a play...go downtown and look in shop windows that are way out of my price-range. Try on shoes with too high heels that I will never wear, or dresses made for black-tie affaires, oh so chic and oh-la-la. Maybe I could plan a trip to France where I would sit outside a small cafe, sipping coffee and eating some mile-high cream puff drenched in chocolate. That would be very nice. Or maybe I could just go for a walk, stretch legs too used the chair and open eyes that have squinted far too long over my tiny computer screen.

The foxes will be screaming soon, calling for their summer mates. That wild whaaaaa sound always tells me spring is on the way. We have one who actually climbs up on the deck and stretches out in the lawn chair when the cats are tucked inside. I haven't heard her yet, but she'll be here soon.

What will you do to celebrate the dawning spring? Something totally elaborate and grand, or a simple breath of the warming air?
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