31 May 2009

New Book!

Huh, how about that? My monthly posting here coincided exactly with my posting at the Samhain blog. So I'm here and there today.

Things are still crazy here at my house, but a little better. I survived the Book Fair (though my checking account is lighter), and there's only 2 and a half weeks of school left. Summer semester has started, but it's not too bad just yet. I'm nearly done applying to Grad School - just have to wrap up some loose ends, like taking the GRE's. Yanno, I don't get the reason behind that test - does it really matter if I can do 8th grade math if I'm not getting a Masters in Mathematics? Half of the battle is logically eliminating the answers that don't make sense, I guess. And there are only three baseball games left in my son's season. Almost time to relax.

In the midst of all this chaos, The Ankh of Isis has been released in paperback! I'd almost forgotten how much fun it was to write this book until the author's copies showed up on my front porch. Ankh is the second of the Library of Athena series, and life is getting better for Megan Montgomery. She's adapted to her new school, has new friends, and is looking forward to a relaxing Easter holiday. The only fly in the ointment is the arrival of her father's business associate, which means Megan has to play hostess. When the man arrives, he brings with him his handsome teenaged son, and Megan is charmed. It is only when the boy's father starts asking too many questions that she begins to be suspicious, and eventually they all wind up inside another of Sir Gregory Archibald's enchanted books.
Just as with The Crown of Zeus, I did a ton of research for this book - at some point in my life I think I wanted to be an archaeologist, and Ancient Egypt has always fascinated me. I'm glad I chose a different path, though - I hate the heat. I would never have survived digging in the desert :). It's just as much fun to write about, though!
And who knows, once I get that Masters in Library Science, maybe I can go work at a museum or something. You can read an excerpt of The Ankh of Isis here.
Hopefully next month, I'll have news about the third book in this series! It's with my fantabulous editor now, and I'm chewing my nails in anticipation!
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