21 May 2009

Anyone Want Some Free Reads?

Long, long ago, before blogs were a twinkle in any author's eye, I maintained a genre fanzine called the Science Fiction Romance Newsletter. In that fanzine, I attempted to start a pick-a-path science fiction romance story, but it didn't get very far off the ground. The germ for that story has since been transformed into a book named MEGAN'S CHOICE (http://www.jodywallace.com/books/meganschoice.htm), still with the interactive structure, and is for sale at Red Sage--but that's not what I’m here to talk about today.

A few of the BTV authors were discussing the lapses in motivation and creativity that can strike authors on occasion. We came up with the idea to attempt a pick-a-path here at BTV. Authors like Jess Granger are having great fun with similar writings (check out her Ethel the Space Pirate: http://www.jessgranger.com/fun-stuff/ethel-1), and there is always the excellent Choose Your Own Romantic Adventure by author Christina Crooks: http://www.christinacrooks.net/cyora.html. In 2008 I participated in a Round Robin with a group called the Manuscript Mavens: http://www.ericaridley.com/download_rr-08-valentine-romance.php and I could have sworn there was a zombie round robin floating around somewhere, but Google isn't cooperating for me right now so I can't link to it.

To initiate the pick a path, I think we'll start by introducing you to our female protagonist, but the rest is up in the air, including the subgenre. What would you, the BTV readers, like to see as additional elements in our serial fiction? Here are some paranormal staples to consider:

Epic fantasy
Magic users
Immortals (like Highlander!)
Futuristic setting/technology
Time travel
Superheroes/Mutants/Genetic alterations

It may be that several BTV authors participate in the round robin, and it may be that only one or two of us post chapters on a regular basis. Either way, at the end of each new scene, you'll have a chance to select one of three directions for the next scene in a poll in the sidebar. After a preset time, the poll will be taken down and someone will compose the next scene. We have worked together before as writers when we put together the free anthology DUNVEGAS (http://carolanivey.com/dunvegas/), and I look forward to the creative experiences to come!

Please voice your preferences in the comments (including potential authors) or there's no telling what I'll pick.

Jody W.
SURVIVAL OF THE FAIREST--Now In Paper, Samhain Publishing
LIAM'S GOLD--In Electrons, Samhain Publishing
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