23 October 2009

A New Turn of Phrase...

This month has been a wonderful one. My Maggie Award novel, ANGELIC AVENGER, had its digital debut on Tuesday, Octover 6th. I was absolutely thrilled to say I downloaded it as soon as it became available…and yes, I paid for the priviledge. Why? Because it made it real to me. :)

My husband, as the dedication indicates, is greatly supportive of my writing efforts. In fact, one of the most memorable episodes involving Bella’s launch on the world comes from him.

He works at a hospital. One of his coworkers came up to him and asked about my book. The digital release in advance of the paperback had some of his coworkers wanting to know when they could go to the bookstore to buy it.

Well, the coworker asked what genre it was. When my husband, slightly embarrassed, told him it was a paranormal romance, the instant reply was:

“Oh. It’s one of those vibrator books.”

Having met the gentleman in question, I can hear the humor in which it was meant. And the more I think about it, the funnier it is.

Vibrator books. My new turn of phrase for the week.

Well, experts say that a good bit of a woman’s interest in sex comes from fantasy and intellectual stimulation. Isn’t that the purpose of romance novels? A little escapism and fantasy?

Men can learn from that. *grins* And if they took advantage of it, they wouldn’t be called vibrator books at all.

My poor husband may be getting flack at work, but he’s taking it with pride and amusement. Funny, I don’t think he’s complaining, either. *wink*

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