09 September 2010

13 Things to Write During Football Season

We've got these kids, DH and I, and after we had the first one we made a deal. He could watch as much football as he wanted....as long as he was responsible for the kids while the game was on. I had no intention of being a football widow with 2 kids to feed and a house to clean while the Dude sat on the couch and watched other dudes running around chasing a ball. The result is that DH doesn't watch as much football as he did before we had kids, and he has learned the value of taping the game on TiVo and fast forwarding through the commercials.

In fact, I welcome football season now. For me, that's prime writing time I don't get when it's not football season.

So here are 13 things I hope to write during this year's football season:

1) More query letters, hopefully at least one of them along the lines of, "Yes, I accept your contract, awesome agent or publisher!"
2) The rest of this steampunk novel that was supposed to be a short story and then supposed to be a novella but is now a novel. ONE novel, by gum, just ONE.
3) More stories about bad cats on Meankitty's redesigned website: www.meankitty.com
4) The 4 critiques I promised to do for an RWA chapter contest I'm helping judge.
5) The ~9 critiques I usually do for my local chapter RWA contest as the Grammar Wench -- finalists get a consult with me as they prepare their manuscripts for the final round judges. Some take advantage of it, some do not.
6) A note to my kid's school explaining that she is now off the restrictions from her broken arm and can resume normal activities. Yay!
7) A third Tallwood romance novella by Ellie Marvel, characters pending.
8) A hilarious yet informative trip report of my and DH's vacation in Yellowstone. With pictures that don't suck! Which means the friends we're travelling with will probably be the ones who took the photos...
9) A lot more of the superhero serial romance some friends and I have been dabbling with--time to get serious!
10) The beginning of my next Realm romance, the third in the series after 1000 Kisses, due out in February 2011 from Samhain.
11) A thank you letter to the people who gave us that million dollars for being the millionth customer of some random store.
12) Some extremely clever tweets that get RT'd a lot (wishful thinking on my part, but hey, so is the one about the million dollars).
13) My Beyond the Veil blog entries!

What do you usually accomplish during football season? Lots of cheering and cussing or something else entirely? I know there are a lot of people out there whose lives aren't touched by sports, televised or otherwise. Are you one of them?

Jody Wallace w/a Ellie Marvel
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