20 September 2010

Everyday Heroes

When I need inspiration to help me write, like I did last week (oy-vay what a week I was having) I don't have to look far.

I am blessed to be surrounded by heroes.

I love a man who is a member of cycling club/racing team. This gorgeous guy hops on his bike six days out of the week. He rides in rain, sleet, sand storms, desert heat, over mountains, through water, on rocky highways, into the Sierras, across Phoenix in August...You get the point. He rides when he is sick. He rides when he hurts. Paying money to race, he shows up hours before the start, warms up, does the whole elbow thing to get his spot in the group, and races his heart out.

Sometimes he wins. Sometimes he gets a flat tire. Sometimes he crashes, or riders crash into him, or cut him off so that he can't do his amazing sprint finish. Nothing keeps him out of the sport for long. I have seen the man riding his stationary bike with a broken clavicle, wrist, and foot. He is passionate about riding. He loves it the way I love to write.

His teammates are just as dedicated, just as crazy as he is. In their real lives they are mechanics, doctors, real estate agents, teachers, scientists, firemen, small business owners... But they live to ride. Sure, they hurt, get beat up, occasionally eat pavement, but they don't stop fighting. They do everything they can to improve themselves and their sport. I have never seen a group of more supportive, proud, butt-kicking people.

I also have hero friends who run marathons, ride in the Leadville 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race, compete in the Ironman, train for the Race Across America, and swim mile after mile in the ocean. I have girlfriends who make men cry on their bikes.

My everyday heroes remind me that you have to make time for your passion, work your tail-end off for your dreams, and keep improving and fighting against all odds. Winning doesn't happen without putting miles in the sadddle (or desk chair, as it were). There's no place on the podium for quitters.

I am in awe of my heroes and wish them nothing but successes.

Who inspires you?
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