04 March 2011

Best Laid Plans...

I’ve missed out on blogging for quite a long, long while. Not knowing what to blog about, I’d always ended up totally spazzing and forgetting about it until it was too late. My memory isn’t what it used to be. But, I guess I can’t be too hard on my ol’ brain. It does have to deal with the day job and the night job — getting dinner ready and spending time with the dogs. Oh yeah, the kids, too. I’m sure you get the picture. There are many of you out there who have the added soccer, cheerleading, wrestling, baseball, football, basketball…wow. I don’t know how parents do it. There should be a medal for that!

Thankfully, I do have something on my mind to blog about today. For weeks now I’ve known about a Women’s Expo being held this weekend in South Bend, Indiana and planned on attending. I thought I’d take the drive, perhaps with my sisters, pay the admission and enjoy all the information and goodies. And, for marketing’s sake, I had purchased promo postcards to hand out while I chatted up my books to other attendees.

Not going to happen, thanks to a sinus infection that combined with some other sort of infection. Seems they discovered a split on my lip and the two ganged up on my face, blowing up my cheek, jaw and neck like a balloon...not to mention making my lip on that side grow almost too big to talk. What’s worse is it left the cut right smack in the middle of it all and making me feel like a teenager with a humongous zit.

While allowing the antibiotics to do their job and as I pass this opportunity by, I happened upon a website for a winery in Kentucky. Oh how I love wine...but that’s a blog for another time. You see? I’ve already set up more plans! Yay!

Back to the website. On its upcoming events page it lists “She Expo” in Frankfort, Kentucky on March 12th. So yeah, I’m going to give promoting another shot. Barring any injuries, illnesses or inclement weather, I shall be there. But, then again, we are approaching tornado weather. Just saying.

If you know of any upcoming events where the audience’s interest may be in reading romance novels, please do give me a shout. I’m often found on Facebook. Love it, and so easy to get to from my cell phone.

Here’s hoping for my plan to do some promoting and perhaps some of you may make the trip as well.

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