24 March 2011

Professionalism Is...

When I was growing up, my family had a great stash of Peanuts books by Charles M. Schultz. One that I remember vividly was called "Happiness is a Warm Puppy" (http://www.amazon.com/Happiness-Puppy-Peanuts-Charles-Schulz/dp/1933662077/) with a picture of Lucy (the Schultz character with whom I most identified) hugging Snoopy. Awwww! I thought I'd make a little Thursday Thirteen called: Professionalism Is.

First I took an informal poll of people I know to get them to fill in the blank.

1) From Kendall Grey (http://www.kendallgrey.com/ ): Professionalism is...keeping your tattooes covered. Caveat: unless you're a tattoo artist.

2) From Misty Rayburn: Professionalism is...being honest but in a way where your peers aren't offended by what you say.

3) From Missy Jane (http://www.msmissyjane.com/ ): Professionalism is...an attitude that represents a person both in their career & life. It exhibits pride in self and work ethic.

4) From Kate Johnson (http://etaknosnhoj.blogspot.com/ ): Professionalism is...behaving in a manner appropriate to your client.

5) From Lilly Cain (http://www.lillycain.com ): Professionalism is...an honesty and an integrity that makes you want to believe and trust.

6) From Amanda Gillespie: Professionalism is...acting like a grownup and playing nicely with others.

7) From Laura Gifford: Professionalism is...bBeing honest and reliable and knowing your stuff.

8) From Carolyn Rosewood (http://www.carolynrosewood.com/ ) Professionalism is...taking responsibility for your own behavior and giving credit where credit is due.

9) From Monica McCabe (www.monicamccabe.net ): Professionalism is...to always be straightforward, keep your promises, and never verbally strike out at someone or burn bridges.

10) From GrowlyCub: Professionalism is...only mentioned when people don't like what others do.

11) From Kelly Fitzpatrick (http://www.kellyfitzpatrick.webs.com/ ): Huh? I wouldn't know anything about that.

12) From Me: Professionalism is...a warm puppy. Ok, not really, because puppies tend to pee on the rug and chew up household items. That's not very professional, unless you're a professional puppy.

13) Also from Me: Professionalism is...limiting your weird Thursday Thirteen blog posts to thirteen items.


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