29 February 2012

A Funny Thing Happened On The Road To Publication...

A funny thing happened to me last week on this crazy, pothole-filled road to publication. One of my dreams came true.

This story starts back in November of 2011. I get a frantic email from my critique partner, Sonja. She tells me this bizarre story about how she picked up this editor at the airport (stick with me here, this isn't that kind of story) and how they had dinner together. Apparently the editor was in town for an RWA meeting with the local chapter Sonja is deeply involved in. So at dinner Sonja starts asking the editor about historicals, then my crazy, wonderful critique partner pitches MY book to the editor. Not hers. Mine. The editor said it sounded like something she would be interested in.

Hence the frantic email to me. Sonja tells me I MUST query the editor NOW before the editor forgets. So I whip off a query (luckily I like writing queries or I would have panicked and froze). A few hours later I get a reply and a request for the first five chapters. Wow! That was fast.

Luckily again (see how this is all lining up just right?) the manuscript was finished and polished so I whip off another email with the attached chapters.

In the meantime I hear that another editor at another house is looking for romance to fill their 2012 slots. So I query her with the same manuscript, she writes back and requests the partial.

Editor #1 emails me and says she loves my chapters and wants more. Actually, what she said was "As long as you haven't screwed up the rest of the story, this is exactly what I 'm looking for." Gasp! I knew I didn't screw up the rest of the story. I had a deep seated belief in this manuscript. So I sent it off. And she offered me a contract.

Then people started telling me I needed an agent. Like NOW. I queried my top 3 picks. Two responded, one offered and suddenly I was represented by the wonderful Jessica Alvarez of BookEnds Literary Agency. A few days later another editor offered me a contract.

Emails flew back and forth, long phone discussions followed with my agent. Pros and cons were weighed and measured. And I am proud to announce that I accepted a two book deal for two historical romances with Random House.

So a funny thing happened on my road to publication--one of my dreams came true.

A screenshot of the announcement on my agent's website

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