01 February 2012

Just write....

I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with something that hasn't been said before--something witty and memorable. I've finally hit on the one thing that is so important to this publishing business. I've no doubt its been said but it bears repeating:

Just write.

Write from your heart. Write the story of your dreams--the one you want to read yourself. Find characters you love and dump all kinds of problems on them until they can't see straight then help them along the path to the happily ever after.

Always remember what it was that brought you to writing, hold tight to it and never forget it.

Sometimes you have to push away all the nonsense. Forget about what's hot and what's not. Forget about what others are writing. Sometimes, forget the rules as well. Whatever it takes to get the words on paper. The rest will come. I promise.

Stay true to yourself. Stay true to your characters. Sit down at your desk and do what you love.

Just write.....


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