05 October 2012

Bumps in the night

Have you seen a shadow move?  Have you heard an odd noise -- maybe a voice from nowhere?  Have you ever felt as if you were being watched? Followed?

Those somewhat creepy, eerie sensations seem affect a lot of people. Is it merely an overactive imagination? A trick of the light or dark? Maybe. But I think many of us suspect that there is more to life than meets the eye.

Ghost stories have existed all over the world for many centuries. As human beings, we seem to enjoy being scared. That little bit of adrenaline rush, followed by relief and maybe laughter. It feels good. Otherwise, why would things such as horror stories/movies and roller-coasters be such an integral part of our culture?

My youngest daughter and I love watching Ghost Hunters together. Now before you scoff, they do manage to catch quite a few interesting bits of evidence with their high-tech gadgets. Early in 2011, the TAPS team visited a nearby famous haunt when they investigated the Homestead Carnegie Library here in Pennsylvania. Their time was well-spent. My daughter immediately wanted to go there and experience the haunting for herself. :)

More locally, there are stories of a nearby diner being haunted by the spirit of an older woman. Not that frightening, really, unless you're easily spooked.  ;)  I'm also fairly certain a small cemetary we pass frequently has its own lingering energy. No, I don't tend to think tombstones are haunted. Ghosts would probably have more interesting places to hover.

I've grown up with ghost stories from within my own family -- it seems we have a genetic 'gift' when it comes to experiences with the afterlife. Personally, I've been on the fringes: watched, but not spoken to; jumping at shadows and shapes that move in and out of my peripheral vision; having things moved -- hidden it seems -- and then put back in place. Which is kind of how I like it. :)  I prefer that little adrenaline rush to full-blown screaming terror. How about you?

~~Meg Allison
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