14 October 2012

North Dakota's "Dark Man" Legend

I recently learned about the "Dark Man", watching Haunted Highways (Jack Osbourne's show on SyFy).  It freaked me out...watching this show.  I have a pretty strong belief in the paranormal and signs. 

In my research I was unable to fing much about the Dark Man other than he's a bad omen.  Watching the episode the ghost hunters were unable to get the Lakota people to talk about "The Dark Man", they were obviously afraid.  Their superstitions that even speaking about it might bring bad luck.

I was shocked then when the hunters went out looking for this evil spirt.  I'm not a fan of ghost hunters taunting spirits.  I think anytime you invite evil in you have a hard time getting rid of it.  I was watching this particular episode and shouting "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" but that's me.  Luckily all the hunters experienced was extremely "bad luck".

Here's a clip:


You can find the entire episode on YouTube if you so desire.


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