14 March 2013

Betrayal - Eat Too, Brulee?

Betrayal is our theme this month and I have a doozie: FOOD PUSHERS!

That's right, folks, food pushers.

If I were a ghost, no one would try to stuff me full of cake.  But no.  I'm not a paranormal phenomenon, I am a flesh-and-blood creature who apparently likes cake.  Lots of cake.  Including the cake my coworker brought in today, a confection gleefully called "Lemon Cake."

Lemon cake?  Be still my heart.  Lemon is only my second favorite dessert flavor, you cretonous carbuncle!  The only thing better than homemade lemon cake would be homemade chocolate peanut butter cups.

Don't get any ideas.

Betrayal of the waistline by the taste buds.  Could there be anything for heinous?  More foul?

Oh, fine.  I will throw in with these food pushers, these providers of cake and chocolate and all things that make us bigger than life.  Hah!

Did you know there's a God of Cake?  No?  Check it out, here.

And if THAT wasn't enough, fellow BtVer Kimberley Troutte and I have a brand-spanking-new cookbook, hot off the keyboards, for your enjoyment!  Check out COOK LIKE A WRITER, available for download free.

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