06 June 2013

Some Like It Hot: What Makes A Love Scene Hot?

I think this is an interesting question because there's no one answer.  What makes a scene hot depends on what the viewer finds hot.  To a logophile, a well-crafted iambic pentameter might be just the thing.  To a BDSM fan, maybe it's a St. Andrews Cross.  To a cat fan, maybe it's a Siamese peach-point.

For me, the heat comes from the relationships and not necessarily the sex scene.  I've read sex scenes that are all about the sex and nothing about the people and I don't find them hot.  There's no investment in the payoff.

One of the hottest scenes I've read is in Zodiac by Neal Stephenson.  There isn't even any sex in it.  (Well, the sex comes next.)  The two characters are trying to figure out why the car died, and they get oil on their fingers.  Then they look at each other and realize the lubricant is sexy and slippery and...

What do you find hot?  If you like M/M romance, or are interested in giving it a try, I have a new book coming out on July 23rd.  Called TIGER TIGER, it's the sequel to BURNING BRIGHT.  It's about a veterinarian and animal empath who falls in love with weretigers.  It seems natural, within the flow of the story, and we worked hard to make the sex scenes part of the story.  They move the plot forward.

What do you find hot?


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