25 November 2013

Writing Over the Holidays

Getting things done over the holidays is a challenge, even if you don't have a huge family and stacked social calendar. No matter what, things are busier and the hustle and bustle of the mall, the roads and even the grocery store, makes everything a little harder to get done in a timely manner.

In my case, it's a little trickier because I just finished writing the second book in my String of Fate series. It's called King's Throne and it's the sequel to Cat's Cradle. It should be published sometime next summer, I think.

But my problem is that when I finish a book, there's sort of a let-down feeling that settles in and is hard to shake. If I let it go, I could go a month or two before picking up my virtual pen again and starting something new. I can't afford that right now because I have deadlines to meet and stories to tell!

I also have a new release coming up in just about two weeks - Wolf Quest, the sequel to Wolf Hills will be released on December 10th. (Pre-order now!) And in the meantime, I have to write the next installment of my Redstone Clan series, Magnus. In fact, I need to start getting serious about that next project, starting today.

One of the best tools I've discovered in the past few months is something called The Pomodoro Technique. Basically, you use a timer to count off 25 minutes. You don't let anything distract you or do any other activity during those 25 minutes - no cheating! At the end of 25 minutes, you take a quick 5 minute break before diving back in for another "pomodoro" of 25 minutes on/5 minutes off. After a few of these, you take a longer break, but by that time, you've got a nice chunk of work done!

I used this method (and a handy-dandy iphone pomodoro timer app) to write most of my last release - Tales of the Were: Red, which is the 2nd book in the Redstone Clan series. Judging by the great reviews for this book, it worked! So it's worth giving a try if you need some help with time management and motivation. I highly recommend it!

Oh, and if you haven't yet started reading my continuing Tales of the Were, in just five days, I'm releasing a special edition of Rocky and Slade in a single ebook volume. It'll be on sale for the rest of 2013 and is a good way to introduce yourself to the series if you haven't read those two books already. Here's a little bit about it:

Get both Rocky and Slade in a single ebook bundle!

Rocky - On the run from her husband's killers, there is only one man who can help her now... her Rock.

Maggie is on the run from those who killed her husband nine months ago. She knows the only one who can help her is Rocco, a grizzly shifter she knew in her youth. She arrives on his doorstep in labor with twins. Magical, shapeshifting, bear cub twins destined to lead the next generation of werecreatures in North America.

Rocky is devastated by the news of his Clan brother's death, but he cannot deny the attraction that has never waned for the small human woman who stole his heart a long time ago. Rocky absented himself from her life when she chose to marry his childhood friend, but the years haven't changed the way he feels for her.

And now there are two young lives to protect. Rocky will do everything in his power to end the threat to the small family and claim them for himself. He knows he is the perfect Alpha to teach the cubs as they grow into their power... if their mother will let him love her as he has always longed to do.

Slade - The fate of all shifters rests on Slade’s broad shoulders, but all he can think about is her.
Slade is a mystery. A warrior and spy who serves two masters - those in the human world and the Lords of the Were. They've sent him to Nevada to track a brutal murderer before the existence of all shifters is revealed to a world not ready to know.

Kate is a priestess serving the Goddess and the large community of shifters that have gathered around the Redstone Clan of werecougars. When their matriarch is murdered and the scene polluted by dark magic, she knows she must help the enigmatic man sent to track the killer.

Together, Slade and Kate uncover not one, but two, evil mages that they alone can neutralize. It's a tricky situation because Slade finds it hard to keep his hands off his sexy new partner, the cougars are out for blood, and the killers have an even more sinister plan in mind.

Can Kate somehow keep her hands to herself when the most attractive man she's ever met makes her want to throw caution to the wind? And can Slade do his job and save the situation when he's finally found a woman who can make him purr?

* Look for the other books in this series, available now in ebook and print.

The Tales of the Were includes:
Main series: Lords of the Were, Inferno
The Others: Rocky, Slade
Redstone Clan: Grif, Red, and three more coming soon!

The Brotherhood of Blood series is related, and includes:
Vamps: One & Only (novella), Rare Vintage (novella), Phantom Desires (novella), Sweeter Than Wine (novel), and Forever Valentine (novella)
Wolves: Wolf Hills, Wolf Quest

You can find links for all of this on my website at: WWW.BIANCADARC.COM

Now, start your timers and get busy! :)

- Bianca

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