09 December 2013

Gifted…or Cursed? Making Your Character’s Greatest Power Their Biggest Stumbling Block

Ah, this is a good topic.

It's fun to make things challenging for our characters. Why? Because the harder it is for our hero to succeed, the more likely readers will read on to make sure that he does.

In SOUL STEALER, my first novella for Samhain Publishing, my main character was Death himself.

Cain's job was to help a person's soul pull away from the body and head on to heaven, or you know, the other place.

Killing was Cain's power. And he was good at it. He'd been perfecting his skills since the dawn of man.

The problem occurred when he fell in love with a woman he couldn't have. When his lips met hers, his power kicked in and wham-bam she died. Yeah, hate it when that happens.

Cain then had do what he wasn't meant to do--bring her back to life and keep her that way. This went against the rules and before he knew it everyone from heaven and hell were after the couple to try to drag her soul up to heaven where it belonged.

I won't give away anything more, but hopefully you get the idea. A person's greatest gift can turn into a nightmare in the hands of a crafty author. Waahaha. (That's supposed to be an evil laugh).

This is the last post from me until 2014. Have a happy and blessed holiday and a safe New Year.

And as always, thank you for stopping by. My compadres in crime and I appreciate it.

Kimberley Troutte

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