20 December 2013

Reintroducing Myself!

For those who follow the blog, I may look like a new face, but I’m really not! Nevertheless, I haven’t been posting for a while…ok, it’s been a year since my last post and they were pretty sparse before that for quite some time.

So today is a reintroduction.

Hi, I’m Sela.

[Hi Sela!]

I write romance, mostly paranormal, always funny, and I have four novellas under my belt with Samhain Publishing, with a couple of outliers which have long gone out of print.

Since the publication of my last novella, Carolina Pearl in 2010, I’ve gone through a dry spell. Like, Gobi Desert in August dry. Fortunately, it does seem as though I’ve found the trickling headwaters of a river that may yet lead me to the promised land of new stories.

(I’m kind of digging that metaphor. Must hang onto it for later use.)

So I’ve started writing. Much to my surprise, my newest work in progress isn’t paranormal, but historical. It began from a seed that was planted, lo, these many years ago when I just started out writing fiction. It’s waited over ten years for me to be able to tell it properly, so it’s what I’m working with now.

After that, I promise to go back to the heaps of half-formed paranormal, monsters, Steampunk, and otherwise odd-ball stories that have been in dry dock, awaiting my return to the keyboard.

It feels really good to be back - to be really back, without that niggling sense that I ought to be doing other things instead of writing.  
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