02 June 2014

Harpo, Who Dis Woman?

Greetings Kittens,

It’s me! I know it doesn’t look like me, because I’m actually here and all, but it’s me!

Since I last wrote I’ve moved again, been housebound, bedbound, denied short term benefits for my illness, denied full accommodation for my illness, lost my job, found my Zen, gained perspective, embraced many blessings, and danced like my groove transcended any criticism. It’s been an adventure.

I’m still experiencing symptoms from moderate to severe. I can’t walk far or for long without my back locking up, and I feel safest walking near walls and handholds due to the vertigo. But I’ve had some really good days recently and I’m celebrating.

I’ve been working diligently the last three weeks to build my endurance and manage what energy I do have as best I can. I’ve managed not to crash too badly, even with the added exercise. My nutrition has been fantabulous and is getting better every week now that I can digest more. I’m not sleeping, but really, when I was ever? The important thing is that I can sit up for extended periods of time with tolerable pain levels and stay hydrated and nourished without being violently ill. Of course that means it’s time to write.

I picked June as the marker to jump back in, find a sub call that appealed to me, and go for it. It was probably more reasonable to pick something months down the road, but I couldn’t pass up a Halloween themed call with a July 1st deadline. 35k in 30 days, edited and in submission form.

It’ll be a challenge, I’m more comfortable around 50k and longer. Oh, and of course the whole more than 1k a day thing, that has to be edited as I go in order to be sub ready, all after nearly two years without writing. I’m not really sweating that part though. Either I finish, or I’m closer to a complete ms than I’ve been in ages, I call it good both ways.

I know this isn’t on theme as far as the LGBTQ focus of June, however, as a openly bisexual writer, whose story has bisexual and queer characters, I’m calling horseshoes on this one. Totally close enough for government work. Smile.

Glad to be back, the timing feels right and I couldn’t be more ready to start again. Now to get typing!

Ramble Done, Kittens!


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