10 November 2014

SEALs of Winter Count Down

Holy hot tamales!

Eight days until the SEALs of Winter Military Superbundle hits the digital stores. I am soooo excited. This is the follow up to the NY Times Bestselling SEALs of Summer.


Nine brand new Navy SEAL romance heroes from NYT and USA Today bestselling authors: Cora Seton, Elle Kennedy, Jennifer Lowery, Elle James, Anne Marsh, S.M. Butler, Delilah Devlin, Zoe York, and ME--Kimberley Troutte. I am so honored to be a part of this amazing group.

For you lovely readers, I am going to give you a sneak peak at my book in the set, UNDER THE RADAR.

First, here's the cover:

Ahh, that Ty Whitehorse is a looker, isn't he?

Here's an excerpt:

A deep rumble started inside Ty’s impossibly muscled chest. The sound made Holly weak and strong at the same time. As if she was the one in charge for the first time in her life. Who knew a kiss could be like this? She pulled back and ran her hands over his stubbled cheeks to his square jaw. He watched her, not moving, letting her experiment, feel him. Goodness, she wished she could take his shirt off. Did she dare? Slowly, she dragged her fingers over his sinewy neck, across his collarbones, around the largest pecs she’d ever seen, and skimmed the best abs on the planet. Oh yeah, she dared.

Taking hold of the edge of his shirt, she lifted. He was far too tall to get the tee over his head. He ducked down so she could get the task done. Then she gaped.

He was beautiful. Rugged. Chiseled. Each muscle was defined as if he was a sculpture of a Native American god. He was not soft anywhere—she looked down. Yep, he was super hard there, too. Ohhh, she wanted to touch. She didn’t dare reach down and take him in her hand, well, by the swell in his camouflage pants, she’d need two hands. The idea thrilled her. She traced a scar beneath his sternum. What caused it? There was another scar near his perfect innie belly button. She pressed her middle finger to it. It reminded her of a bullet wound. It was probably something silly, like a pebble stuck there when he was a kid and fell off his bike.

“Lots of scars.”

“Hazards of the job,” he said.

“Yes, I hear being a SEAL is dangerous,” she joked.


Whatever. She didn’t really care what sort of work he did in real life. It bothered her, though, that he wouldn’t tell her the truth after she’d told him about her scary past. Well, at least some of the details. She couldn’t tell him everything. Ronald was dangerous.

“Your Navy SEAL job. In Alaska?” She prodded, giving him the opportunity to come clean.


Really. How stupid did he think she was? Where was his ship? His team? She trusted him, why didn’t he trust her? What could be so bad about his job he needed to lie about it?

He cared for her, treated her with respect and with kindness. He actually listened to her pitiful history and didn’t judge. He was perfect, except for that tiny flaw. Unfortunately, lying was a deal breaker.

She patted Ty’s exquisite stomach. “Well. I guess that’s that.” She sighed and stepped away from the way too beautiful man. “I want you, Ty. Everything on me, in me, is screaming for you. If things were different, I’d unzip those camo pants and have my way with you. Right here, right now.” She smiled. “Wow, I’ve never said anything like that out loud.”

Why was he staring at her like that? He could say…something.

“You make me feel sexy. Brave. And so free. It’s like I am coming alive.” She squeezed his bicep and felt another zing of arousal. Mistake. No touching. She dropped her hand to her side.

“But…?” he growled.

“But you have to see this will never work. I can’t be with a man like you.” She turned her back on him.

He cupped her elbow and gently pulled her back. That was just another thing she liked about him—he didn’t yank her around.

“A man like me?” His blue eyes were swirling with green and golden confusion.

“Right. You must have your reasons, but I can’t sleep with anyone who isn’t honest with me. I’ve come too far to go right back—”

Static came through his radio followed by a loud voice filled the cabin. “Are you a**holes there? Pick up.”

Ty held perfectly still. There was no answer, only more static on the radio.

The voice boomed, “You SOBs were supposed to radio in. Did you find anything at the crash site, or not? Over.”

Ty released her arm and ran to pick up the radio.

She followed him, walking carefully on her sore toes. “Crash site! I was there. I saw the helicopter go down, Ty. It scared the moose out of the bushes. Do you want me to talk to that guy?”

He gave her a short shake of his head, but his attention was riveted to the radio. He turned the volume up. His nostrils flared and his body seemed to be on full alert. What was going on?

“If I don’t hear from you pronto, I’ll personally hunt you down after the blizzard and put a bullet in your heads. Over.”

One more ripple of static went through the radio, and then it went dead.

Ty was breathing heavily, like a man trying not to hit something. Holly gripped his arm. “Who was that?”

He faced her. The muscles in his jaw were flexing. His nostrils still flared. Wow, he looked p.o.’d. But she didn’t take a step back or go lock herself in the bathroom. Ronald would’ve taken his issues—whatever they were—out on her. Ty was not Ronald.

As if to prove her point, he reached out and touched her hair, letting the long strands run through his fingers. “That was Milton Crow. A terrorist wanted by the Navy. He’s the reason I’m here.”

“A terrorist? That means…” She covered her mouth. “You really are a SEAL?”
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