30 October 2014

13 Reasons to Read Earthbound Passion: The Adventures of Mari Shu book 1

1) It's only 99 cents at all vendors.

2) It's tongue in cheek. I mean, how sexy is a tongue in a cheek? Nevermind that when you see a person probing his cheek with his tongue, it usually that means he's trying to get food out of his teeth. Just ignore that.

3) It's like getting 6 books for the price of one because it's a branching fiction structure with several different endings. So if you hate the way it ends, you'll get another choice!

4) The book -- this volume, anyway -- does not contain any unicorns.

5) The book has a lot of sexy sexxoring and BDSM in it, if you like that king of thing. If you don't, there's also violence.

6) This is the beginning of a series but there are no cliffhangers. Again...in this volume.

7) The second book in the series is already available -- no waiting!

8) The book contains the phrase "loaner boner." Don't you want to know what THAT is all about?

9) The heroine's sainted grandmother is very revered and respected, so the book is, like, respectful of our elders.

10) The heroine is devoted to her younger siblings, so the book is, like, tight with family values.

11) There's a character named Pagan Taupe, and if you can guess what that's spoofing, I'll email you a really nice photo of a cat.

12) I have promised to publish all my hate mail in a book entitled "The Hate Mails to Mari Shu" but I haven't gotten any hate mail yet. This might mean there's nothing to hate about the book, which is a huge recommendation!

13) There are nearly two pages of quotes and comments from other people and authors about this book, another huge recommendation. Gems like:

“That’s hysterical.” — Author Misa Buckley, when commenting on another author’s blurb for MARI SHU

What are you waiting for?

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