13 June 2007

Ghosts and ghoulies and... lamps?

A good friend of mine is currently writing a spooky Halloween story for her publisher. Together on IM, we started looking at "ghost pictures" just to get in the right frame of mind. You know, I've seen some really spooky pictures that claim to show ghosts or spirits, and while I'm not quite sure I believe, they're fun to look at. However, this one takes the cake.

Look carefully at the small, square window beside the scaffolding. What's that just visible there?

Yes, my friends, this is purported to be the ghost of a LAMP. Don't believe me? Here's another photo, showing a close-up view of this grisly, terrifying haunting:

I think the grainy quailty of the photo just adds to the terror, don't you?

So this started me thinking--well, after I stopped laughing. (C'mon, really, how does a lamp haunt you? Is it trapped in this realm because it's enraged at getting knocked out the window?) What's the strangest or silliest "true" ghost story you've ever heard? Before finding this particular one, it was the ghostly pair of pants that haunts a Cambridge shop that Cat Marsters and I were told about during a really great ghost tour there. Ghostly pants! I never thought that one would be topped.

Anyone have a fun ghost story to share?
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