28 June 2007

The Substitute is Here

Hello All You Paranormal Lovers! (and Paranromal-Romance Readers, too…hee, hee)

I’m Margo Lukas and I’ll be filling in for S.J. who is taking some needed time off. I’d like to thank Carolan for inviting me to come over and play for awhile. This is a great blog with some very interesting posts. I promised myself I’d take some time off from the online world to write and do family things this summer…but I couldn’t pass up the chance to be in such good company.

Since this is my first post on Beyond the Veil, I guess I should do a short introduction. My debut book Half Moon Rising was released in eBook this past March from Samhain and will be hitting the book shelves in print this October. I’m threatening my hubby that I’m going to give the UPS guy a big kiss when my author copies arrive. That’s not a lie because my UPS guy is a total hottie. If they come via US mail…well, my mailman is a sweetie but he’s in his 70’s!

I’m here on the paranormal blog because my hero is a werewolf. Half Moon Rising started as a project for a writing class I was taking and grew from there. I had written three contemporary romances (safely tucked under my bed) and wanted to challenge myself. (More on why I thought a paranormal would be a challenge in some other post.)

I have loved the romance genre since before I even understood what was happening behind that bedroom door. Then, as now, it was the "Happy Ever After" that made this genre my favorite. My maternal grandmother was the town librarian and I enjoyed many hours working in her library. I often wonder if she knew about the big juicy 1970’s & 1980’s romances I was sneaking home. I know she liked to read them. When she passed away she left each of her grandchildren $1000. Though I could have used it in a more “practical” way (i.e. paying bills) I bought a laptop computer that has increased my productivity ten-fold. I pray she’s looking down and smiling.

Over the next few weeks I hope to get know you and my fellow paranormal Samhain authors better (and vice versa). Thanks again to Carolan for the invite and have a warm, sunny weekend.

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