25 November 2007

Divination Sunday: Celtic Ogham - Tinne

Ogham letter: Tinne ("chin-yuh")
Plant: Holly
Month: December (some sources say July/August)
Color: Bright red (other sources say Dark Grey)
Element: Fire
Bird: Starling
Animal: War Horse
Planet: Saturn
Deities: Brighid the Smith, Goibniu the Smith, Cerdne the Craftsman, Lugh
Crystal: Bloodstone
Old Irish: Tind=Brilliant; tend=strong

Creative force; making; mastery of a skill (or oneself); arts and crafts; wealth, money; today (as a time indicator in a reading). With its evergreen quality, it is linked in inspiration and resilience. Balance of strength and power; integrity; courage; fatherhood, growth. Sticking to one's principles. Justice.

Tinne in a reading indicates challenges are on the way. You need to face life's ordeals with the endurance of a warrior. Even in adversity, you will grow stronger. It could also mean that you are letting fear hold you back; you have a lack of direction or balance, or justice is not being served.

Tinne is a protective energy, which makes sense because weapons were once forged in the heat of a holly fire. Shamans and metalsmiths were once held in the same high regard as workers of magic.

It's interesting (to me, anyway) that Tinne reversed is the same as Fearn, or Alder, which carries on the "fire" in terms of inspiration and relying on one's intuition.

Have a good holiday season!

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