05 November 2007

Walk-Ins Welcome

As a long-time student of all things paranormal and occult in nature, one of my favorite subjects is one that the average person doesn't know much about - the walk-in. Now, if you mention reincarnation to someone, they know what you mean. Angel sightings...no problem. But mention a walk-in and you'll be treated to a head cocked to the side and ears up like a dog who doesn't understand a command.

If you don't know what one is, here's a very basic definition: it's the soul that takes over a body when another soul leaves. (Like I said...very basic). I've read varying reasons for why this occurs. 1) The walk-in as discarnate spirit who takes over the body of the host to raise spiritual consciousness in a population. 2) An immature soul resides in a body placed under extreme trauma. An older more experienced soul takes over to "teach." - In this instance, it's unclear to me whether both spirits occupy and integrate into one within the body, each having their own function or how it works out. 3) The immature soul leaves because it cannot cope with situations placed on it, so an older soul takes over to finish their own journey if they can benefit from the lessons learned in that life.

Of all the definitions I've found, I think I like 3 the most. The one about raising the spiritual awareness of a population seems a bit inefficient to me. Wouldn't a soul as important as that enter the body it needed to be in from the very beginning?It seems like too much moving and sorting after the fact.

The second seems a bit crowded, but makes sense with some of the articles I've read about people who claim to be walk-ins. Some walk-ins report they experienced a "reorientation" period to their own life before finally finding the strength to move on. (This after some horrific trauma in their life.) One woman I read about had been physically abused by her husband for years and said he'd beaten her so bad she landed in the hospital unconscious. When she woke she felt as if she didn't belong in her body, or her life anymore. (Brain damage? Could be, but this is a paranormal blog, not a medical one so I'm not wearing that hat at the moment.) As she healed, she found the strength to leave her abusive husband. All her attitudes, thoughts and beliefs changed seemingly overnight. A new woman was born from the ashes of her destructive circumstances.

However, I think I like reason number 3 because it's kind of like you and a buddy splitting a shift at work so you can both have half the day off. It's also an extremely efficient way for souls to learn their lessons and move on without having to live an entire life. Kind of moves things along...though what is eighty some odd years to an ephemeral being?

Oddly enough, though I have read paranormal romances ever since they were like finding the proverbial needle in that freakn' haystack, I've only read one book which utilized this extraordinary and largely overlooked concept, and that was a charming book titled Wrapped in Wishes by Olga Bicos. Not only does it incorporate the idea of walk-ins but also reincarnation.

I've been trying to formulate a storyline that fits with a walk-in character - not to be confused with a walk-on one - and have to admit it's a difficult concept to incorporate into a novel without having to over-explain the matter. Still I find it an interesting concept and always keep my eyes out for articles pertaining to it.

Ahhh...perhaps one day.

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