30 May 2008

Gravebreaking News

Stonehenge is one of those mysteries we like to try to solve, or not solve as the case may be. Perhaps this was the reason it was chosen to represent the Beyond the Veil blog's blend of fantasy, supernatural and paranormal genres. Of course all writers like things that arouse their curiousity, because nothing starts off a good story like something that makes them say, 'hmm, what if?'
So, when I started looking for things to blog about and saw that they've dug up new dirt on Stonehenge--literally, I of course surfed right over to find out what it was.
According to reports the megalithic mystery was used as a massive grave site for over 5000 years as opposed to 2700 years, which they thought before. Finds such as a stone mace led the archaelogists to the conculsion that those responsible for erecting Stonehenge were actually buried there. Not much else except some burnt Hazel sticks, and cremated remains of other dead, as well as an altar stone traced back to Wales.
One big and a few other small discoveries among others, true but every bit they uncover is something that makes my story radar go haywire. And nobody can make a mountain of out of a mysterious little mole hill like an author with a wild imagination. Take a look and see what you can do with it.
Jenna Leigh
Research Junkie
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