04 May 2008

Stuff going on today!

I was going to post something else, when I realized that my day today coincides with the YA List Mom day over at the Samhain Cafe. If you're not already signed up, it only takes a minute to subscribe to the list. Myself and four other Samhain Publishing Young Adult authors are taking over the list from 1-8 pm (EST) to talk about, what else, our books! There will be some excerpts, and games, and prizes (of course). So drop on by!

Meanwhile, I'm here with the second round edits to The Ankh of Isis, which is the sequel to The Crown of Zeus and the second in the Library of Athena series. The cover art has been submitted, and I'm waiting for approval. Anxiously waiting, because I can't wait for everyone else to see it! The artist, Christine Clavel, is totally brilliant! I'll be posting at least one preview excerpt from ANKH today at the Cafe. ANKH wil be available from SP July 8, 2008! I'll be sharing more about the book when we get closer to the release date. Expect posts about Ancient Egypt :)

I've been finishing up my college courses for the Spring term, and finally finished all the papers, and reading books that I will review over at my site (YA and Fantasy Bookspot), and working like a fiend and looking for a full time job. I passed my certification test (yay!), so I'm qualified to work as either an Elementary School teacher or a Middle School (grades 5-8) Science teacher. Yes, Science. I know, it's strange eh? That was my original topic for today - how I am the new Renaissance Woman, able to appreciate both Science and Literature, Fantasy and Reality. But I just ran out of time to do it properly.

I've been so busy that I haven't really been able to even work on the WIP, which is the third in the LoA series. After the finals are over, I plan to dive back in and wrap up the first draft.

Hope to see you this afternoon!

Make every day magical,

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