01 August 2008

Country Music - D. McEntire's Muse

Many times I have been asked: “What gets you in the mood to write?”

My answer: Country Music

When I listen to a country song, I picture a handsome man with tight, faded jeans, work boots and that good ol’ cowboy hat. He removes his shirt to reveal tanned flesh from days spent working in the sun, and sculpted muscles from lifting bales of hay. *sigh*

But, there’s more to it than a cowboy’s looks. I mean, who doesn’t want a man who will take you pickin’ wildflowers, then check you for ticks. He’ll always think of you. Even when he’s picking up fast food, he’ll ask if you want fries with that. And, if he misses your call, he’ll be quick to give you a holler back.

When the sun goes down after a long day on the farm, he’ll take you out for a night on the town, or get good directions to the red neck yacht club. But, where ever he takes you, he’ll make sure every mile is a memory.

When you’re gone, he’ll make sure every light on the house is on for your return home.

Caring and sensitive are good qualities, but a cowboy can get a little naughty, especially when he asks “Who’s your daddy?” and wants to show you a good time.

It’s okay if he tells himself she thinks my tractor’s sexy every time he climbs aboard his international harvester. The most important thing of all is he knows size matters.

So, when you find this cowboy, that sexy, sultry man of whom dreams are made of, don’t blink, or you’re gonna miss this. After all…love is a beautiful thing.

Wait a minute…what was I thinking?

I don’t want you paranormal fans to be left out. That handsome cowboy can be one of the “fang” persuasion. He may not work the ranch and his bronzed body may not come from hours in the sun but from his complex DNA and chemical makeup rushing through his veins, he’ll have no problem demonstrating I’m still a guy and show you how forever feels.

Cowboys, paranormal hunks, lords of the past or military bad boys….

Whatever the man of your dreams may be, my wish is you’ll find love in the first degree and it feels so right.

So…I’ve got to ask….What do you think about that?

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