09 August 2008

Divination: Celtic Ogham - Ailm

Welcome back to my Celtic Ogham divination series! To read other installments of this series, click here.

Name: Ailm (pronounced "ahim")
Tree: Silver Fir (or any pine-like species)
Letter: A
Color: Gold (some sources say blue)
Celtic Calendar: Winter Solstice
Planet: Sun, Mars
Celtic Deity: Druantia
Stone: Amber or Citrine
Chakra: Crown and Sacral

Because pine knots were used as torches to light the way (and as Yule logs at solstice), Ailm symbolizes a clear vision to see the way forward, the clarity to discern the difference between good and bad choices. It's foresight, farsight, the light at the end of the tunnel that will lead you to your destiny.

Light signals a clearing of negative energy, and end to painful times. Wear amber, tree resin, as a talisman to remind yourself that the light will always return. Ailm's light allows you to look at past events of your life in a new light, letting you see them for what they are and take the lessons learned with you into the future while leaving behind the pain.

Ailm fires creativity and positive spiritual development.

Silver Fir is a tree that thrives in harsh, mountain climates. It survives by adaptation - opening its cones to the sun and closing them to the rain. In this way it teaches us to be flexible, to roll with the punches.

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