13 August 2008

13 Multiple Choice First Lines from Samhain

Here's a fun little game. See how many second halves to these fantastic first lines by Samhain authors you can guess! I'll list the answers and the names of the books/authors on Friday in the comments section.

1) "Not to sound dense here, but I assume

A) you can't hear me with those headphones on."
B) the wedding is off."
C) you told Mother about the gun."

2) The skinny, bald guy's fur boots and matching

A) hat smelled like dead yak.
B) facial hair were the only unusual things about him.
C) fur condom weren't that unusual by the standards of Atlanta's Dragon*Con.

3) "I hafta

A) give it to you, buddy."
B) go potty."
C) get uh get uh get uh...get down!"

4) Caramel cake. How could mama be

A) dead when a freshly baked caramel cake waited in the kitchen?
B) so cruel as to offer me caramel cake when she knew I had a wedding dress to fit into?
C) hungry after a dinner like that?

5) Help

A) me.
B) was on the way, but I didn't know it at the time.
C) of the good variety is hard to come by.

6) I woke from a fuzzy trance with my mead-filled head ringing and

A) four Hain Guards seeking to separate said head from my shoulders.
B) a man I didn't recognize naked in the bed beside me.
C) my face half in, half out of the gutter.

7) The gust of wind sent

A) the smell of woodsmoke straight to our unkind pursuer.
B) her stumbling into the trees.
C) half the leaves still on the tree tumbling through the air.

8) Throughout dinner, Liz had stared

A) at the strange blinking light that seemed to be embedded her companion's left eye.
B) at her plate without touching any of the food.
C) out the huge bay window instead of at her boyfriend.

9) Shanghai--two hundred

A) years from tomorrow.
B) reasons to return but four million to stay away.
C) bucks for a round trip ticket.

10) "I will not sleep with

A) the man, no matter how much you pay me!"
B) you in my bedroom!"
C) so much racket going on in the next apartment."

11) The city was

A) dressed up like an old whore--blinking lights, shades of red and lace curtains blowing in the slight breeze from the ocean.
B) full of life.
C) still twenty kilometers away according to the road sign.

12) His name was

A) lost in the mists of history.
B) Eugene Jerome, and his reputation had preceeded him.
C) Raven.

13) Anxiety is a

A) bitch of monumental porportions.
B) necessary emotion, but then, so are the little white pills necessary to get through the day.
C) lack of knowledge combined with lack of power.


"I need

A) a new tooth."
B) a better first line if I want people to read this book."
C) to tell you something," whispered the old man on his death bed.


How many sound familiar to you? If the answer is zero, you might need to check out some of Samhain's fantasy and paranormal goodies the next time you're in a reading mood :). Of course, it might also just mean you have a terrible memory, like I do, so forget I said that, which should be easy for you with your memory and all.

Jody W.
SURVIVAL OF THE FAIREST--Available now, Samhain Publishing

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