18 October 2008

The Great Pumpkin

It’s less than two weeks to Halloween, and the season of the spirit has taken over our house.


Pre-kids (PK), Halloween was another reason to go out with friends.  Almost 10 years in the bar/restaurant biz had given me a party view of the holiday.  It was a fun night to work – costumes were encouraged, the more extravagant the better, as long as they weren’t going to dip into the broccoli cheese soup at the wrong time.  And heels were out, since they’re a no-no on often slippery kitchen and bar floors.  But I perfected the gypsy, the pirate, and a rather unimaginative one year when the date caught me unprepared.  Once work was over, it was a blast to head out to the parties still dressed in our holiday garb, and get to play at being very grown up kids for the night.  PK Halloween was all about the parties.

Halloween after kids (AK) is a whole different kind of day.  It becomes a several week event of decorating (“The bones have been placed by the gravestones with care, in hopes the Great Pumpkin soon will be there... “), pumpkin patches, and costume shopping.  AK, it’s hard to go into Target without the pleading starting.  “Can we get some more decorations?  We still need to get our candy!  I don’t like my costume; I want a new one.”  We’re avoiding Target for the rest of the month.

This is the first year my daughter has really liked the getting scared part though.  She’s found “Goosebumps” on one of the kids channels, and she begs every night to be allowed to stay up and watch it.  She’s only 6, and I was worried the first few episodes that this slightly spooky show could lead to some nightmares, so we compromised.  Record at night, watch in the light of the day.  And she absolutely loves getting just a bit freaked out.  Several of the neighbors do dark-and-spooky for Halloween, and in the past she’s preferred to skip those houses.  I think this year she’s going to love them.

So our countdown to the big day has begun.  How will you be spending the scariest night of the year?

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