31 October 2008


Party time!!

Little kids dressed up like hobos, and babies that look like bumblebees, and older boys all wearing some variation of the slasher/zombie look while the pre-teen girls...


Have y'all seen what passes for tween/teen girl costumes at the stores lately? There's more fabric in one of my dishtowels, for pete's sake! When did all the costumes suddenly become prefaced by the word "sexy."

Sexy Dorothy.
Sexy vampire.
Sexy witch.
Sexy axe-wielding serial killer.

Skank alert!!

And when did everyone start buying their costumes? I consider it a challenge to get two kids costumed for $10 or less. I had to go to $15 this year, though. Had to replace our make-up. I was bummed, too. I lost my challenge!

My daughter is 11. She's going as a Bela Lugosi style vampire. Long cape from the Goodwill. One of dad's old dress shirts and a waistcoat scavenged from something else. Slicked back hair and a pair of fangs. Cool and classy without showing far too much skin.

My 8yo son is going as the Grim Reaper (shades of Ankou, anyone?), so I bought a black dress at the Goodwill, tossed some black fabric over his head for a hood, and made a scythe out of a broomstick and tin foil.

I'll never forget the year that we had just moved to the UK. We were still in base housing and Halloween was the last thing on my mind. DS had just turned 1, and I happened to have a bright orange footy jumper. Well, I found some black electrical tape, stuck some random lengths of it onto the jumper and voila! A baby tiger! I was so proud of that little costume.

My kids aren't going as the newest, coolest version of whatever's hot this year, but it's so much fun to get creative with costumes. That's what Halloween's about for us! A chance to see things for more than what they are.

After all, in the dark, no one can see the duct tape.
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