03 April 2009

Do Your Part!

I’m a writer, but I was a reader first—and I still am. To me books are wondrous things. I love the feel, the smell, the look of a paper book. But I have to admit those sleek ebook readers kinda turn me on too. Paper or screen, books are magic.

My first novel, Shadows of Evil, was released in electronic format in May of last year. The print edition was released last Tuesday, March 31, giving everyone the ability to buy the book in their preferred format. In honor of this release I’d like to encourage everyone to buy a book this week—and not even necessarily mine!

I would like to point out that when you buy a book:

You help the economy. It’s not a big expense, as expenses go. Support the road to recovery—and enjoy yourself while you do. After all, books are cheaper than a movie—and give you many more hours of pleasure.

You support publishing. Don’t want to support a big company? Buy from a small press. Either way, you’re doing your part for the future of books and reading.

You help support literacy. Because there are so many things today to take the place of reading for pleasure—movies, the Internet, games, cell phones, etc. It’s easy to downplay the importance of books. Every time we buy a book, and read it, we support the idea that books and reading are important.

You support your favorite authors. Authors are feeling the economic crunch just like you are. If you don’t feel the big names need your money, then buy a newer or less well-known author’s works. Very few of us manage to live on our writing income. Or buy the big name because you love them. Keep Steve and James and Nora in business so they’ll keep writing.

To get you started on this buy-a-book effort, allow me to point out that there are some very interesting covers to the right of this post. Feel free to check out any (or all) of them. Of course, there is one I feel especially connected to—Shadows of Evil by…me! I’ll give you the blurb—just as a public service, you understand.

For Kia Wolfe, moving to an isolated mountaintop is an act of independence from her demanding family and ex-fiancĂ©. She’s literally dreamed about the regal old house for years, and for the first time in her life she feels at home. She’s here to stay, even though the house’s history of violent deaths is enough to scare off most people.

Garrett McKnight, owner of the contracting firm Kia has hired to renovate her house, is wary of the new resident. Emotionally bruised and battered by a self-centered ex-wife, he can’t get around the fact that there’s something about Kia that both attracts him and sets him on edge. And when Kia dabbles in a bit of Wicca, accidentally unleashing a hidden evil, it’s tempting to walk away and leave her to her to her fate.

But he can’t. Not when four people have died in that house.

Shadows of Evil
© 2008 by Cheryel Hutton
Available from Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 1-59998-949-2 (electronic edition)
ISBN: 978-1605041537 (print edition)
Buy links:
My Bookstore and More eboook print
Barnes and Noble

Have a great weekend!
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