13 April 2009

Fan Inspiration

Just a quick thought before getting back to working toward deadline.

I got my first fan letter for SHIFTING PASSIONS from a self-identified straight male reader a few weeks ago and I’m still floating on the high from it!

He read it on his wife’s computer out of curiosity and quote: “absolutely loved it”. He was concerned about the male-male elements but said that the three characters blended and flowed in a way that the male-male issue wasn’t an issue at all.

Knowing that in just 15k words I was able to bring him far enough into my world that he was more concerned about the characters and their relationship rather than any gender involved…It was just what I needed going into books two and three of the larger series. :)

To my fellow writers, what fan feedback have you had that just lifted your spirits or inspired you in your writing?

To our readers, what kind of feedback have you given your favorite authors after they’ve brought you into their worlds?

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