03 July 2009

Independence, Benchmarks, and Other Things That Make You Go WOW!

Today is a holiday for a lot of people in America. It's a chance to get ready for tomorrow's 4th of July Independence Day cookouts, fireworks, and other celebrations. Tomorrow, we'll mark the freedom from tyranny, the liberty of personal choices, and the joy of free speech.

So why wait? Today's a banker's holiday launching it all, so let's start now.

On a personal front, I've passed a benchmark in my career in the last couple of weeks and been welcomed as a professional published author in the RWA circles. It's a humbling and exciting moment for me, but it brought me back to a question I've asked before: When does an author decide they've really "made it?" What validates your writing career?

Is it selling the book of your heart? Last month, Samhain Publishing contracted the book of my heart, ANGELIC AVENGER, for an October release. I'm very excited to go through the process of getting it transformed from a promising manuscript into a book.

Or maybe it's seeing your book leading the Best Seller list? My friend, Vivi Andrews, had her Sexy Shifter release, SERENGETI HEAT, do just that over at the My Bookstore and More. I've enjoyed sharing that benchmark with her. Since I'm a fan of shifter books, I'd like to take a moment to recommend Vivi's release and Kinsey Holley's Sexy Shifter book, KISS AND KIN. They are great reads if you're shopping for a novella to get you through the holiday weekend.

However we, as writers, validate our chosen profession, one thing is true. Independence Day celebrations are doubly important for us. Freedom to write whatever we want without censure is one of the greatest gifts of being an American. Though I doubt the Founding Fathers realized they were blazing a path that would ultimately lead to the choices we enjoy today, I'm certainly glad they marked Free Speech in the Constitution.

So, in the spirit of Independence Day, what are you doing this weekend?

Kaye Chambers
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