21 July 2009

It's Promo Time!

Happy Tuesday Paranormal Fans! I thought I would hop on board this Free For All Promo Day and throw out an upcoming event I'm participating in, some "blurbage" and more.
Midnight Revelations (book three) is now available on ebook for your summer reading! Want to hear more about The Watchers series, what's out there now and what's to come? Join me on Samhain Cafe, Friday, July 24th from 8-10pm for their Christmas in July party. We'll chat, have prizes and lots of fun. Author JoAnn S. Ainsworth will also be on board to discuss her reads.

The Watchers Series by D. McEntire

When the sun sets on downtown Louisville, Kentucky, the Watchers take over, patrolling the streets on the hunt for Rogues. Four Watchers operate the Cell. One will be lost, but another gained.

Midnight Reborn - The Watchers, Book One
Robyn lay still, as if she were asleep, one arm pillowing her head on the mattress and her hand close to her head, concealing the knife she had sneaked from the kitchen yesterday evening after cleaning up the dinner dishes.
The smell of whiskey was strong coming off his hot breath as he knelt beside her. Robyn fought down the panic rising in her chest. Her throat threatened to close and she wanted to scream, but she kept her control and lay as still as possible.
She waited and watched through partly closed lids until his face was close to hers. At that moment, Robyn swung her arm up and plunged the knife into the side of Jake's throat. Then she brought her foot to his chest and kicked as hard as she could, sending him backwards into the cement wall with a hard thud.
Breathing heavily with the adrenaline rush at what she had done, Robyn scuttled backwards off the thin mattress and towards the door, then stopped. When she peered hard into the darkness shrouding the body that slumped in the corner, she realized that the man wasn't Jake, but one of his men.

Midnight Rose - The Watchers, Book Two
Rosa couldn't take her gaze off Vane as he walked around the front of the car. The way he moved—slow and graceful with biceps, pecs and every other muscle she didn't know the name of bunching and moving underneath his silk shirt—was like watching the flow of water.
While she was wondering about the play of his muscles of his lower half, the driver's side door opened. Rosa could feel the heat on her face and knew her cheeks were reddening, but before she could remove the evidence of where her thoughts had traveled, Vane slid behind the steering wheel and gave her a saucy wink as he started the engine.

Midnight Revelations - The Watchers, Book Three
After washing the dishes, Suma returned to his side and let her gaze take in every inch of him. His skin was smooth and tanned like her own. Long, silky black hair spread out around his shoulders. Thin fingers jutted out from large, strong hands.
A raised vein ran down one muscular arm to his hand, a display of strength and power, which made her breath quicken. She found herself wanting to run her fingers along the line to feel the pulse of his blood under her fingertips. Suma almost did, but snatched her hand back quickly.
Looking up, she saw Rayne watching her from under lowered lashes. She had thought he was deep in sleep. The coffee shop scene came to mind and her face heated with embarrassment. Once again, she had been caught ogling this man.
"Like what you see?"
His voice was velvet and a slight smile played at his lips.
Midnight Revelations received 4 nymphs from Literary Nymphs Reviews.

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