08 March 2010

Happy Samhain Birthday to Me

This month marks the one year anniversary of my first book release: SOUL STEALER.

So I brought cake! Help yourself to a virtual slice.

Thinking back on that day gives me happy chills...

"The Call" from my editor was really an email from Deborah Nemeth. I must have read that letter three times before the news actually sunk in--my first book was going to be published!

I squealed, clutched my heart, and hit my knees. As I thanked God for this amazing miracle, I sobbed. Sobbed, not cried. I had been a caterpillar stuck inside my cocoon for so long, learning, growing, trying my darndest to become a published butterfly. And now it was finally going to happen!

I called my husband. His phone was busy, so I called my parents. Dad answered and, realizing that I had not just been shot, or robbed, or molested, but was in fact crying happy tears, handed the phone to Mom. Mom, of course, cried too. After sharing my news with thrilled hubby, sister, and friends, I wondered what to do next. I stepped outside and to my utter surprise, found one of those big helium balloons stuck in my front lawn. Turning it over, I smiled. It was a Happy Birthday balloon, dropped from the heavens.

Happy birthday, indeed.

How about you? Do you have any good first-time-published stories to share?

Kimberley Troutte
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