05 March 2010

Paranormal Experiences of Overactive Imagination?

Not too long ago, I was at my desk tooling around Facebook when I heard the screen door open. I expected someone to open the main door or knock...nothing.

I got out of my chair and opened the door. No one stood on the other side, so I stepped out onto the deck and checked the driveway. No car was parked, nor was one in the process of traveling down my driveway.

Figuring my imagination was playing tricks on me, I return to the house and chatted with friends on the internet.

About five minutes later, the door handle to the side door rattled.

Again, I expected someone to open that door. And, once again, no one emerged. I opened the door. Nothing greeted me but the cold. I even walked through the garage and checked the checked the driveway again.

More than just a little freaked, I hightailed it back into the house.


One night my husband and I were watching television when the answering machine suddenly voicing the day and time when normally pressing a certain button is required to activate the function.

To make the event even more interesting was the fact the evening had followed a visit from my brother and his girlfriend. They'd told us of several recent happenings in their apartment.

To this day I believe they'd brought whomever or whatever with them.

This is but two of many strange happenings I could tell. I'm sure many of you out there had similar stories. Have you experienced things you can't explain?

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