05 November 2010

The good, bad and the convoluted...

I love movies. I tend to get in certain moods and watch a particular type of movie from time-to-time. Sometimes, I need a romantic comedy fix. Some days it's action; others, such as the Halloween season, it's scary. Once in a while I want a historical period piece -- often with one of the aforementioned elements. I do have two very definite rules, however, as to what I'll watch or not watch.

1. It cannot be rated R or 'higher'.
2. I'd prefer it not be stupid and/or terminally confusing.

Yes, stupid and confusing are very subjective terms. What I might find mind-numbing and/or headache-inducing might be at the top of your fave movie list. To each his or her own. However, just in case you're wondering what movies I might have found bothersome, lately, there are two that immediately come to mind:
Duplicity and The Box ... both of which proved to me that just because a premise sounds good OR I like the actors involved, does NOT mean I'll enjoy the flick.

Duplicity turned out to be more spy movie than rom/com. I'm not a huge spy fan. I also found I didn't like either of the main characters -- despite Clive Owen's naturally gorgeous form, face and sexy voice. (sigh) By the time I sat through this rather convoluted, slightly bizarre tale of love and corporate espionage, I really didn't give a damn what happened to anyone. Not a letter of recommendation for me either movie or book-wise. :\

The Box... hmmmm... what shall I say about this little time-warp gem? It started out well. A somewhat fresh idea, although it was taken from an old Twilight Zone episode. But, unfortunately, it still had the smell of mothball-coated-polyester about it. Meaning, it never really made the whole idea current. It was like watching a 1970's made-for-TV movie, but with better effects and color. Not to mention that it was just too dang confusing to be entertaining.

If you've watched either film, I'd like to hear your take on them. I'm sure there are lots of people who enjoyed one or the other... just not me.

Other movies I've seen lately include: Passengers, confusing but I think I liked it; Robin Hood, with Russell Crowe (loved it!); The Sixth Sense, still a paranormal gem, IMHO; and When in Rome, a very cute, very quirky rom/com that I enjoyed immensely.

Anything you've seen that you'd like to recommend or warn against? Let us know... I need some new ideas and popcorn is popping.

~~Meg Allison

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