20 November 2010

Saturday Six: Snapshots of CapClave 2010

CapClave, the Washington DC SF/fantasy convention focusing on short fiction, is my hometown con and the culmination of most years' con calendar.
This year, however, I didn't get to enjoy it as much as usual. The con was splendid. The problem was all mine. Unfortunately, the dates (October 22-24) fell smack in the middle of the house's last round of Snowpocalypse repairs, and I couldn't leave it for long. Equally unfortunate, I missed a group shot of the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Readers. But I did take home almost twenty memory-perfect photos, and you get to sample six.

Two of my favorite writers, Jeri Smith-Ready (left) and Mindy Klasky sign autographs October 23. Jeri had the big wow moment in Saturday's "Music in Books" panel when she mentioned (casually, no less--she's smoooooth) she once played Crow in a production of Sam Sheppard's Tooth of the Crime. Mindy is gearing up to write several contracted romances for Harlequin's Silhouette line. So many books; I gotta find time!

Laura Anne Gilman models the leather dress I lusted after at this year's Dragon*Con. Much as it pains me, it looks better on her than it would've on me. Among the new experiences at this year's Capclave were costume sightings. Laura Anne wore hers because folks nagged. But several attendees apparently just decided it would be a good idea. I hope that proves to be a trend.

Editors, editors everywhere! Guests of Honor Jeff and Anne Vandermeer (left and right, respectively) and Clarkesworld editor Neil Clarke introduce the 2010 Last Drink Bird Head Awards. The awards were created by the Vandermeers to recognize the often unheralded activities which keep science fiction, fantasy and horror community vibrant, relevant and a good place to be. Now part of the process, Neil was one of the first winners.

Michael Swanwick accepts the Last Drink Bird Head Award for Tireless Energy on behalf of Leslie Howle. Leslie was recognized for his work on behalf of the Clarion West Writers Workshop and Hugo House.

Capclave's own Colleen Cahill (left) just before the Vandermeers announced the winner of the Last Drink Bird Head Award for Promotion of Reading. Colleen received the 2010 award for her work as the Library of Congress's advocate for genre fiction and representative to the American Library Association.

To Say Nothing of the Dog: Capclave 2010 Writing Guest of Honor Connie Willis displays a picture of Montmorency, a key player in her time travel sagas, created for her by Capclave artist Lynn Perkins.

Want more? The rest can be found at my Flickr page. Enjoy!

Jean Marie
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