14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Greetings, Kittens!

Many of you spent the weekend with your loved one(s) celebrating the holiday that raises the moisture levels in the dreams of chocolatiers and jewelry store owners everywhere. Your read cards, smelled flowers, opened gifts, and watched movies while holding hands with the one that makes your heart skip a beat. The rest of you hate those people. But don't. As any of us here can tell you after writing romance for a living, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Of those many wonderful comings together, the flowers were droopy, the cards offensive, the gifts last minute and the movies awful. The holding hands was hopefully better and what it all comes down to in the end.

Some of you spent the weekend reading about romance and falling in love with characters for the first or hundredth time. I'll let you in on a little secret. We fall in love with those same characters while writing them and many of us would have happily spent the weekend with them over whatever it is we did instead. I'm not necessarily one of those folks by choice, more obligation, as I revise an MS into submission form. But I have to honestly say that I was quite happy with my writing frenzy this weekend. It was heart-rending and spirit lifting as I wept and cheered for people that I've only met inside of my head and that hopefully you'll see inside of your own this summer as well.

I quickly realized that sense of happiness and wellbeing came not only from spending that extra time with my characters but from the sense of accomplishment and progress. Perhaps that's what's missing from Valentine's Day as whole, a sense of moving forward. Next year, instead of the same old flowers and cards, pick something that really motivates and moves your relationship forward. Even if you've been together for twenty years, there's always room for progress.

No matter what you did for Valentine's Day weekend, I hope you did it with someone you love, especially if you did it alone. If you didn't get around to the weekend blitz, treat yourself day with everything you have available. Relax, pamper yourself and remember that no one does you as well as you do, even if you think you could do you better. (However you took that, that's how I meant it *grin*)

I considered a nice, fluffy, flouncy Valentine's Day image to share with you all here, but I thought I'd go with one more honest and perhaps put out that call for forward progress again *wink*.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! May you always be in the presence of someone who loves you :)

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