25 February 2011

Snow? Really?

In reality, I realize that it is still technically winter. However, some part of my brain is screaming in frustration.

More snow? Seriously? I thought we were supposed to get rain only, but apparently our little oasis is too far north.

It wouldn't be so bad, I suppose, if we hadn't had two or three very Spring-like days to tease us recently. Days when you could smell the change in the air...the promise of sun and warmth...of new life beginning to bud.

Here we are, right back to our blanket of white and freezing our butts off as cars slide on the ice. SIGH.

Then again, those lovely days with highs at almost sixty did give us hope. We could see the light at the end of the tunnel...the sun at the end of another gray Pennsylvania winter. Hope, after all, is sometimes the only thing that keeps us going.

Hope... that we will see a blue sky, once again. Hope... that we will be able to go outside with only one layer of clothing on instead of four. Hope... that I will be able to demolish this writer's block once and for all and finish the dang book! (ahem)

Sorry... it's been a very long winter. Hang in there! I know I'm trying to do the same.

~~Meg Allison
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