27 April 2011

New Contract!

I am so pleased to announce that I have signed a contract with Carina Press for a new paranormal.

Her Dark Knight will be released November 28, 2011.

Below is an unedited version of the blurb:

Christien Chevalier, warrior for the Knights Templar, has been given the task of protecting the Templar’s treasure for eternity. For seven hundred years he has faithfully guarded the treasure entrusted to him. Until one fateful night when Lainie Alexander walks into his nightclub.

Lainie desperately needs her job to pay her father’s exorbitant nursing home bills so when her boss tells her to go to the nightclub on a bizarre errand, she doesn’t ask questions. Until she sees the reclusive nightclub owner and has the strange sensation they’ve met before. In another century.

Seven centuries ago Lainie and Christien fell in love. He a lowly knight, she a countess married to a powerful lord, their love had been doomed from the beginning and ended in her mysterious death that has haunted Christien ever since. Now she has returned and they both fear powerful, evil forces are behind her reincarnation. Soon Christien will be forced to choose between a seven hundred year old love that never died and the fate of humanity.
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