12 October 2011

I'm Back and New Cover Yumminess

I want to thank everyone for their patience this past summer and want to apologize for my sudden absence. In May my husband suffered a traumatic brain injury after a fall from his bicycle. He underwent surgery to remove part of his skull to accommodate the swelling in his brain then spent nine days in a medically induced coma, fourteen days in neuro ICU and eleven days in a rehabilitation hospital.

Its been a long journey with ups and downs. In July he underwent a second brain surgery to replace the skull bone that had been removed in May. June, July and August was a blur of doctors appointments and hours and hours of therapy.

Last week he returned to work and our family is settling into our "new normal". We have had to adjust to a lot of new normals over the course of the last five months but hopefully we don't have too many more to go.

I want to thank everyone for their support and their prayers. I firmly believe that we wouldn't be where we are today without all of the prayers. That and the excellent doctors and nurses.

So, I'm back and I'm writing again and today I would like to share with you my new cover for my November release. I heart this cover! My husband, after studying the cover for a bit, asked where the guy's head was. I said, "Who cares?" LOL. Enjoy the bit of yumminess on this Tuesday.

Madelaine Alexander is on a mission. When her boss sends her to the hottest nightclub in town to meet with the owner, she won't be deterred, even if that means standing in line for fifty-eight minutes in torturous heels while she'd rather be home in her pj's with a bowl of popcorn.

A Knight of the Templar, Christien Chevalier was given immortality along with the responsibility of protecting the treasure of the Templars. He's been unwavering in his task for centuries until his one true love—who died seven hundred years ago—shows up in his club, demanding his attention.

Christien couldn't protect Madelaine when they first fell in love. She was married to a lord and he was simply a knight. Now, through some unknown miracle, she stands before him again and they have a second chance. But Christien fears that Madelaine is being used as a pawn in a dangerous game, a game of good versus evil that could affect all of mankind…

Own an Nook? You can preorder Her Dark Knight for $4.79 and it will be delivered to your Nook on release day.

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