06 October 2011

Lucky 1000!

I was going to find 13 famous "1000s" to commemorate the fact that the Beyond the Veil Facebook page has exceeded 1000 followers. Woo-hoo! Confetti! Champagne! However, I came up short on the 1000s. I did find:

http://www.fifa.com/worldfootball/clubfootball/news/newsid=128880.html -- "The date 20 May 2007 will go down in football history after one of the game's greatest ever exponents realised one of its greatest goalscoring achievements. In a 3-1 win over Sport in the Brazilian Championship, according to his 'personal count', Vasco's Romario netted the 1,000th goal of a career that has spanned 22 years, stretched across five continents and returned a stunning collection of titles."

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1000 -- "Year 1000 (M) was a leap year starting on Monday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar. It was also the last year of the 10th century as well as the last year of the 1st millennium of the Christian era ending on December 31st, but the first year of the 1000s decade. Popular culture sometimes holds the year 1000 as the first year of the 11th century and the 2nd millennium, due to a tendency to group the years according to decimal values, as if a year zero were counted. According to the Gregorian Calendar, this distinction falls to the year 1001, because the 1st century was retroactively said to start with year 1. Since the calendar has no year zero, its first millennium spans from years 1 to 1000, inclusive."

http://www.1000islands.com/ -- "The 1000 Islands Region is an international tourism destination, encompassing communities on both sides of the US and Canada border along the St. Lawrence River and the eastern shores of Lake Ontario. The region takes its name from the more than 1000 islands that dot the lake and river along this international waterway."

http://omega-constellation-collectors.blogspot.com/2009/04/famous-1000-certified-omega.html -- which is a watch collector's blog wherein he discusses an advertisement for and friend's purchase of an Omega brand watch.


http://www.onethousandpaintings.com/home/ -- "One thousand numbers = one thousand paintings. All beautifully painted on canvas (approx. 12 x 12 x 1.5 inches). Each number is unique - the number is the art is the price is the limit."

Of course my idea for the post was also motivated by the fact my novel One Thousand Kisses was recently awarded finalist status in the 2012 EPPIEs as well.

But alas, I am falling short on the Thursday Thirteen motif tonight (well, today, actually, as I googled on and off at different times).

Anybody else want to share some famous 1000s? Because, seriously, 1001 seems to be a lot more famous than 1000.

Jody W.
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